Lawn Care

Outdoor Specialties offers a wide variety of services to keep your yard looking it’s best, from mowing to fertilization to pest control. Browse our services to find what best fits your needs.

Lawn care services we offer:

  1. Mowing
  2. Seeding
  3. Lawn Enhancement Services
    • Lawn Aeration
    • Spring & Fall Lawn/Bed Clean Ups
    • Mulching
  4. Fertilization & Pesticide Services
    • Lawn Care Program
      • Our Lawn Care program is a standard five-step application process. This is a combination of fertilizer and weed control. All of our fertilizer applications are done granularly with a combination of immediate and slow release granules. This allows for extended nutrient benefits without repeated or short interval applications.
        • Round One
          • This is done in the spring. It is a fertilization application that also includes a pre-emergent crabgrass herbicide.
        • Round Two
          • In late spring, a post emergent weed control is applied
        • Round Three
          • This round is done in the summer. It is a mid-season fertilizer application. If you also choose a grub control program, it is done at this time.
        • Round Four
          • An application done in early fall. It is a post emergent weed control.
        • Round Five
          • The last round is done in late fall. This is the final fertilizer application for the season.
    • Bed Weed Control
      • This is a standard five-step application process for your landscape beds. During each visit we will spray any visible weeds in your bed areas. For our residential customers, we include sidewalk and driveway cracks with our bed program. (For our commercial customers, please see Hard Surface Weed Control for any information on sidewalk and parking lot weed maintenance.
        • Round One is an application of preemergent weed control.
        • Rounds Two through Four are targeted post emergent applications to eliminate any weeds that do come up.
        • Round Five is another pre-emergent application to prevent seeds that have invaded.
    • Hard Surface Weed Control
      • For our commercial clients, we recommend, in addition to bed weed control, adding a hard surface weed control program. This service covers sidewalk and parking lot cracks that tend to collect seed and grow weeds. This service is offered on a regular basis or as needed.
    • Grub Control Program
      • Lawn grubs are the immature form of different kinds of scarab beetles. Grubs feed on grass roots and organic material in the soil causing patches of grass in the lawn to die. We offer, and recommend, adding grub control to your lawn care program. Even if there are no visual signs of grubs, most all lawns have grubs. If not prevented, the signs and symptoms of grub infestation are not visible until large areas of your lawn are already destroyed.
    • Perimeter Pest Program
      • Our Perimeter Pest Program is a standard threeapplication process. The purpose of this program is to help provide a barrier around the outside of your house to keep the pests out. Pests include ants, fleas, and other bugs. Applications are spaced out at intervals throughout the season.
    • Mosquito Control
      • Other than carrying diseases, mosquitos can also create an annoying infestation. We can set up a season program design for your environmental situation to help keep your mosquitos at bay all summer. We can also treat them on an as needed basis.
    • Mole Control
      • Moles construct networks of surface tunnels around your lawn. They dig when they are in search of food. Tunnels are not usually re-used. Moles can dig at a rate of a foot per minute. They tend to feed and rest on two hour intervals, 24 hours a day. Moles are carnivores, consuming 85@ of their diet from living organisms. While their favorite foods are earthworms and grubs, moles also feed on millipedes, centipedes, snails, spiders, slugs, and other bugs. We customize a control program for you using a combination of repellent and elimination methods.
    • Critter Control
      • We also offer repellent treatments for critter issues such as deer, rabbits, snakes, fleas and ticks.
    • Emerald Ash Borer
      • Emerald Ash Borer is an insect indigenous to Asia and was found in southern Michigan in the summer of 2002. It causes widespread damage to ash trees and since its discovery has killed more than 50 million ash trees in North America. The larvae of the insect feed on the sapwood of trees to the extent of eventually killing the tree. To control Emerald Ash Borer we alternate annually between trunk and root injections of insecticide specifically designed to treat Emerald Ash Borer.
    • Insect & Disease Control
      • Plants in your garden and landscape are all susceptible to some form of insect and/or disease damage. We offer programs to both prevent and control various insects and disease that may affect your particular plants. We design a specific program based on your environmental conditions and specific plants.
    • Plant Root Fertilization
      • Root injected fertilizations are a beneficial treatment for your landscaping plants/trees. Keeping your plants healthy is the best strategy to avoid insect and disease issues. Unhealthy plants are targets for the pests that naturally attack plants in the landscape.
    • Moss Control
      • This is a standard two-application program for shady/wooded yards that tend to grow moss in the spring. One spring and one fall application is recommended to help keep your lawn covered in grass rather than patches of moss.
    • Organic Services
      • We do offer organic fertilization options for those who are interested.
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