Snow Removal Services

For most business owners and management, the task of having your parking lot and sidewalks cleared for both employees and customers before and during business hours is stressful. Let Outdoor Specialties take that stress away by offering reliable and efficient snow removal services. For more than a decade we have been Greater Lansing's most reliable and efficient snow removal specialists. Our focus for all is to ensure that walkways and parking areas are plowed and cleared in a timely manner. We offer either a flat monthly rate or a "pay-per-visit" option during the winter months. Give us a call for a free quote so we can help find the best solution for you.

What we offer:

Snow Removal

  • Lot & Sidewalk
  • 24 Hour Snow Removal
  • Sidewalk Clearing

Ice Management

  • Liquid and Rock Salt

Snow Melting

Flexible Contracts

Reliable & Friendly Service


Unfortunately, as of the 2015-2016 snow season, Outdoor Specialties no longer offers residential snow removal services.

Ice prevention and de-icing

Calcium chloride has long been proven as a professional grade snow and ice melter. It consistently delivers safe walking and driving surfaces without damaging granite steps, tile entrance ways, or sensitive environmentally friendly landscape features and surrounding vegetation. Opposed to rock salt, calcium chloride leaves little to no residue and reduces the amount of salt being tracked in and out of buildings. Unlike rock salt, calcium chloride works from the surface up, leaving a more polished look.

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